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Components markets and sells components and sub-systems in mechanics, electromechanics, hydraulics and electronics as well as automation solutions and industrial IT. Its customers mainly operate in the Nordic manufacturing industry.


Components focuses on technology trading with components and for more complex customer needs, solutions are offered that may be a combination of components and subsystems. Companies in the business area strive continuously to increase the added value in their offering. Products and solutions are often customised in collaboration with the customer and supplier.


The business area holds a strong market position in the Nordics. A local base combined with high levels of technical expertise provide the companies with competitive advantages in their respective niche markets. Major customer segments include OEM applications within manufacturing industries, energy, electronics industry and special vehicles. Demand tracks developments in the manufacturing industry. Competition is tough for standard products in large volumes. Segments with medium volumes, which comprise our focus, prioritise service, customisation and delivery capacity. Long-term relationships with leading global suppliers are essential and a high priority.

Dynamisk graf: Net sales, geographic market
Dynamisk graf: Net sales, customer segment



Strong organic sales growth, in combination with the majority of acquisitions, created strong earnings growth and continued good growth in our operating margin. At our businesses in Sweden, Denmark and Finland, demand for production components from Nordic manufacturing companies remained very high. We recorded strong demand from most major customer segments, including machinery production, electronics, special vehicles and wind power. Sales in Norway were stable overall, and we are beginning to see signs of increased activity – from a very low level – in the oil & gas customer segment. One area that performed particularly well during the year was sales to companies in wind power.

Key financial indicators 2017/2018 2016/2017
Net sales, SEKm 3,001 2,355
EBITA, SEKm 284 187
EBITA margin, % 9.5 8.0
Return on working capital, % 50 42
Average number of employees 619 561
Acquired annual sales* 498 233
* Refers to conditions at the time of acquisition on a full-year basis.


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