About this annual report

The annual report describes Addtech’s operations and financial results 2017/2018 and includes a Corporate Governance Report and a Sustainability Report. The legal annual report covers pages 22-31 and 35-96 in the PDF-document. On this website this corresponds to content displayed in the under the Administration Report, Financial Statements and Report on operations/Sustainability report. Comparisons listed in brackets refer to the corresponding amount in the previous year. The statutory Sustainability Report according to ÅRL can be found on pages 22-31 and 38-40. On this website this corresponds to content displayed under the menu Report on operations/Sustainability and parts of the Administration Report.

Addtech's annual report is published and distributed online on our website. The entire report or parts of it can be down-loaded as a PDF document. Should the content in this online-version of Addtech Annual Report 2017/2018 differ in relation to the downloaded PDF the PDF-document shall prevail.
For more information about the Company, go to www.addtech.com.

This annual report was produced in cooperation with Oxenstierna & Partners.