Net sales in Components increased in the second quarter by 32 percent to SEK 894 million (679) and EBITA increased by 39 percent to SEK 98 million (70). Net sales during the period increased by 33 percent to SEK 1,840 million (1,386) and EBITA increased by 50 percent to SEK 205 million (137).


Higher sales, combined with several acquisitions, generated healthy profit growth and a continued increase in operating margin. At our businesses in Sweden and Finland, demand for production components from Nordic manufacturing companies was high. In Denmark, the business situation was stable and demand in Norway continued to increase from a previous low level, thanks to an improved demand from customers in oil & gas and also due to increased investments infrastructure. The market was strong in Components’ most important customer segments, including machinery production, electronics, special vehicles and wind power.



Net sales in Energy increased in the second quarter by 21 percent to SEK 571 million (471) and EBITA increased by 7 percent to SEK 64 million (60). Net sales during the period increased by 18 percent to SEK 1,106 million (937) and EBITA increased by 4 percent to SEK 120 million (115).


The market for infrastructure products for the primary and regional grids in the Nordic region was good, but increased competition has made efficiency measures in certain areas necessary during the year. The business climate for niche products in electrical power distribution remained stable. Sales of cable products for the manufacturing industry and electrical installation products continued to increase.


Industrial Process

Net sales in Industrial Process increased in the second quarter by 23 percent to SEK 497 million (402) and EBITA increased by 28 percent to SEK 50 million (39). Net sales during the period increased by 23 percent to SEK 995 million (806) and EBITA increased by 40 percent to SEK 100 million (72).


Business conditions remained especially favourable in the marine market as a result of stricter requirements for measuring and reducing emissions. This continued to generate very strong organic growth in the quarter. Demand also increased in the forest and process industry, and was stable in the manufacturing industry, especially in the mechanical industry and special vehicle customer segments.


Power Solutions

Net sales in Power Solutions increased in the second quarter by 11 percent to SEK 380 million (343) and EBITA increased  by 21 procent to SEK 56 million (47). Net sales during the period increased by 7 percent to SEK 799 million (747) and EBITA increased by 16 percent to SEK 113 million (98).


Business conditions continued to vary between the different customer and product segments, but overall demand was stable during the quarter. A continuance of very strong sales of control and ergonomics products in the business area's biggest customer segment, special vehicles. Demand improved in the wind power market, and the electronics market was stable in customised batteries as well as in power supplies.

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